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Table 2 Type I PKSs found in animal lineage

From: Unexpected link between polyketide synthase and calcium carbonate biomineralization

Type 1 PKS? Species name General name Gene name Accession number Reference genome Gene ID Corresponding RNA (Unigene or RNA)? Domians
  Homo sapiens Human - - Homo sapiens GRCh37.p13 - - -
  Bos taurus Cattle - - Bos taurus UMD3. - - -
  Canis (lupus) familiaris Dog - - Canis lupus familiaris CanFam3.1 - - -
  Tursiops truncatus Dolphin - - Tursiops truncatus turTur1 - - -
  Mus musculus Mouse - - Mus musculus GRCm38.p1 - - -
Monodelphis domestica Opossum PREDICTED: phthioceranic/hydroxyphthioceranic acid synthase-like XP_001375980 MonDom5 LOC100024851 no KS-AT-DH-KR-ACP
Sarcophilus harrisii Tasmanian devil mycocerosic acid synthase-like [Sarcophilus harrisii (Tasmanian devil)] XP_003771909 Devil_refv7.0 LOC100922065 N.A KS-AT-DH-KR-ACP
  Ornithorhynchus anatinus Platypus LOC100091954 fatty acid synthase-like [Ornithorhynchus anatinus (platypus)] - Ornithorhynchus_anatinus-5.0.1 LOC100091954 (pseudo gene) N.A N.A (pseudo gene)
Gallus gallus Chicken PREDICTED: phthioceranic/hydroxyphthioceranic acid synthase-like is oformX2 [Gallus gallus]. XP_418588 Gallus_gallus-4.0 LOC420486 Yes (brain; connective, blood) KS-AT-DH-KR-ACP
Taeniopygia guttata Zebra finch PREDICTED: phthioceranic/hydroxyphthioceranic acid synthase-like [Taeniopygia guttata]. XP_002189754 Taeniopygia_guttata-3.2.4 LOC100231542 No KS-AT-DH-KR-ACP
PREDICTED: Taeniopygia guttata phthioceranic/hydroxyphthioceranic acid synthase-like XP_002190558 LOC100222288 N.A KS-AT-DH-KR-ACP
Falco peregrinus Peregrine falcon PREDICTED: probable polyketide synthase 1-like [Falco peregrinus]. XP_005234016 F_peregrinus_v1.0 LOC101916009 N.A KS-AT-DH-KR-ACP
Anolis carolinensis Green anole PREDICTED: phthioceranic/hydroxyphthioceranic acid synthase-like [Anolis carolinensis]. XP_003222100 AnoCar2.0 LOC100564455 No KS*-AT-DH-KR-ACP
PREDICTED: phthioceranic/hydroxyphthioceranic acid synthase-like [Anolis carolinensis]. XP_0032222101 LOC100564655 No KS-AT-DH-KR-ACP
PREDICTED: phthioceranic/hydroxyphthioceranic acid synthase-like [Anolis carolinensis]. XP_0032222102 LOC100564856 No KS-AT-DH-KR-ACP
Chelonia mydas Green sea turtle Phthioceranic/hydroxyphthioceranic acid synthase [Chelonia mydas]. EMP37033 CheMyd_v1.0 locus_tag: UY3_05838 N.A KS-AT-DH-KR-ACP
Polyketide synthase Pks N [Chelonia mydas] EMP24664 locus_tag: UY3_18267 N.A KS*-AT-DH-KR-ACP
Chrysemys picta Painted turtle PREDICTED: uncharecterized protien LOC101936604 [Chrysemys picta bellii] XP_005291085 Chrysemys_picta_bellii-3.0.1 LOC101936604 N.A KS-AT*-DH*-KR-ACP
PREDICTED: uncharecterized protien LOC101937174 [Chrysemys picta bellii] XP_005291087 LOC1019371714 N.A other-KS-AT*-DH*-KR-ACP
Pelodiscus sinensis Chinese soft shell turtle pep: KNOWN_BY_PROJECTION_protein_coding Scaffold no. JH209275.1 PelSin_1.0 ENSPSIG00000004874 No KS*-AT-DH-KR-ACP
  Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis Tropical clawed toad - - Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis build 1 genome database (v4.2 assembly) - - -
Oryzias latipes Medaka OIPKS (PREDICTED: phthioceranic/hydroxyphthioceranic acid synthase-like [Oryzias latipes]) XP_004081385 Oryzias latipes ASM31367v1 LOC101169887 No KS-AT-DH-KR-ACP
OIPKS-2 (PREDICTED: phthioceranic/hydroxyphthioceranic acid synthase type I P ps D-like [Oryzias latipes]) XP_004081384 LOC101169644 No KS-AT-DH*-KR-ACP
OIPKS-3 (PREDICTED: probable polketide synthase 1-like [Oryzias latipes]) XP_004080917 LOC101170716 No KS-AT-DH*-KR-ACP
Danio rerio Zebrafish Danio rerio wu:fc01d11 (wu: fc01d11),mRNA XP_682975 Danio rerio Zv9 wu:fc01d11 Yes (muscle) KS-AT-DH-KR-ACP
si: dkey-61p9.11 NP_001041530 LOC100000781 Yes (kidney) KS-AT-DH-KR-ACP
Takifugu rubripes Fugu phthioceranic/hydroxyphthioceranic acid synthase-like XP_003968201 FUGU5 LOC101079294 No KS-AT-DH-KR-ACP
PREDICTED: Takifugu rubripes lovastatin nonaketide synthase-like (LOC101079519), mRNA XP_003968202 LOC101079519 No KS-AT-DH-KR-ACP
  Petromyzon marinus Lamprey - - Pmarinus_7.0 - - -
Branchiostoma Floridae Lancelet hypothetical protien BRAFLDRAFT_205831, partial [Branchiostoma floridae]. XP002599684 (=EEN55696) Branchiostoma floridae v1.0 Gene ID:7231796 N.A. KS-AT-DH-KR
    hypothetical protien BRAFLDRAFT_247081 [Branchiostoma floridae] XP_002591573   Gene ID:7219804 N.A. KS-AT-DH*-KR
    hypothetical protien BRAFLDRAFT_90481 [Branchiostoma floridae] XP_002589799   Gene ID:7210376 N.A. KS-AT-DH*-KR-AMP
    hypothetical protien BRAFLDRAFT_96868 [Branchiostoma floridae] XP_002598386   Gene ID:7254845 N.A. KS-AT-DH-KR*-TE-C-AMP
    hypothetical protien BRAFLDRAFT_96863 [Branchiostoma floridae] XP_002598380   Gene ID:7248951 N.A. KS-AT-DH-KR*-ACP-TE-C-AMP
    hypothetical protien BRAFLDRAFT_87472 [Branchiostoma floridae] XP_002589000   Gene ID:7246004 N.A. KS-AT-DH-KR*-ACP-C-AMP
    hypothetical protien BRAFLDRAFT_125690 [Branchiostoma floridae] XP_002610053   Gene ID:7207083 N.A. KS*-AT-DH-KR*-ACP*-TE-C
    hypothetical protien BRAFLDRAFT_91451 [Branchiostoma floridae] XP_002608071   Gene ID:7214024 N.A. KS-AT-DH-MT-ADH-KR-ACP-α
    hypothetical protien BRAFLDRAFT_87410 [Branchiostoma floridae] XP_002605916   Gene ID:7243248 N.A. KS-AT-DH-MT-ADH-KR-ACP
    hypothetical protien BRAFLDRAFT_89867 [Branchiostoma floridae] XP_002610100   Gene ID:7206066 N.A. KS-AT-DH-MT-ADH-KR-ACP
hypothetical protien BRAFLDRAFT_87413 [Branchiostoma floridae] XP_002605913 Gene ID:7246000 N.A. KS-AT-DH-MT-ADH-KR-ACP
    hypothetical protien BRAFLDRAFT_125650 [Branchiostoma floridae] XP_002610103   Gene ID: 7207596 N.A. AMP-KS-AT-DH-MT-ADH-KR-ACP
    hypothetical protien BRAFLDRAFT_71890 [Branchiostoma floridae] XP_002613500   Gene ID: 7224978 N.A. KS*-AT-DH
Saccoglossus kowalevskii Acorn worm PREDICTED: fatty acids synthase-like XP_002734101 Skow_1.1 LOC100373061 N.A KS*-AT-DH-KR-ACP-C-AMP
  Ciona intestinalis Ascidian - - Ciona intestinalis KH - - -
Strongy locentrotus purpuratus Purple sea urchin LOC588806 probable polyketide synthase 1-like [Strongylocentrotus purpuratus (purple sea urchin)] XP_793564.2 Spur_3.1 LOC58806 Yes KS-AT*-DH*-MT-ADH-KR*-ACP
LOC592147 polyketide synthase 2 NP_001239013.1 LOC592147 Yes KS-AT-DH*-KR-ACP-TE
Acropora digitifera Coral aug_v2a.12941.t1 aug_v2a.12941scaf5202:2805-26950(−) aug_v2a.12941 Adig_1.0 aug_v2a.12941 N.A. other-KS-AT-DH-KR-ACP*-TE
aug_v2a.16843.t1 aug_v2a.16843scaf8086:11276-29700(−) aug_v2a.16843 aug_v2a.16843 N.A. other-KS-AT-DH-KR-TE
aug_v2a.16847.t1 aug_v2a.16847scaf8086:95926-115499(−) aug_v2a.16847 aug_v2a.16847 N.A. other-KS-AT-DH-KR-TE
  Nematostella vectensis Sea anemone - - Nematostella vectensis v1.0 - - -
  Hydra magnipapillata Hydra - - Hydra magnipapillataHydra_RP_1.0 - - -
  Amphimedon queenslandica Sponges - - Amphimedon queenslandicav1.0 - - -
Caenorhabditis elegans Nematode Protein C41A3.1 [Caenorhabditiselegans] NP_508923 Caenorhabditis elegansWBcel235 C41A3.1 Yes KS-KS-DH-ACP-KS-ACP-ACP-KR-ACP-AT-DH-KS-KR-KS-AT-ADH-ACP-C-AMP-ACP-TE
  Drosophila melanogaster Fruit fly - - Drosophila melanogasterRelease 5 - - -
  1. Asterisks show domains lacking a residue of the active site that is contained in OlPKS.
  2. Sequence sources are mainly NCBI protein database, except dolphin, Chinese soft shell turtle, lamprey, coral, and sea anemone.
  3. KS: ketoacyl synthase, AT: acyl transferase, DH: dehydratase, KR: ketoreductase, ACP: acyl carrier protein domain, TE: thioesterase, AMP: AMP-binding site, MT: methyltransferase, ADH: alcohol dehydrogenase, C: condensation domain.