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Fig. 5

From: Evidence for an amphibian sixth digit

Fig. 5

Molecular marker expression in the developing hindlimb of X. tropicalis. a-f, Gene expression detected by section in situ hybridization. a, b, Expression of shh at stages 51 (a) and 52 (b). c, Expression of sox9 at stage 55. e, Expression of irx1 at stage 55. Cartilaginous condensation for the anlage of the protrusion (bracket) was irx1-posititve. d, f, High-magnification images of those in (c) and (e). Note that irx1 was highly expressed in the anlage of the protrusion (bracket in f). Cartilaginous primordium of the protrusion is indicated by the bracket. Scale bars: 200 μm

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