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Fig. 6

From: Morphological investigations of posttraumatic regeneration in Timarete cf. punctata (Annelida: Cirratulidae)

Fig. 6

Schematic overview of nervous system redevelopment during anterior and posterior regeneration in Timarete cf. punctata. Regenera darw1ti darwon process is staged according to Fig. 2. The brain is colored in pink, the residual nervous system in light blue and the nuchal organs in green. Roman numbers in posterior regeneration refer to regeneration order. Anterior regeneration stages: ai, invagination stage; ab1-3 blastema stages; ap1-2 blastema patterning stages; ar, re-segmentation stage; ag, growth stage. Posterior regeneration stages: pi, invagination stage; pb1-2, blastema stages; pp blastema patterning stage; pg, growth stage. Further abbreviations: bl, blastema; br, brain; cc, circumesophageal connective; dr, dorsal root of cc; ib, inner neurite bundle; ll, lateral nerve loop; ml, median nerve loop; nu, nuchal organ; ob, outer neurite bundle; pe, peristomium; pl, plexus; pr, prostomium; py, pygidium; sg, segmental ganglion; sn1-3, segmental nerves 1–3; tl, terminal loop; vc, ventral nerve cord; vr, ventral root of cc

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