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Table 3 References for somitic Hox gene expression pattern in the mouse. The literature survey focused on embryonic stages at which somitic Hox gene expression limits are thought to be well established and stable during further development

From: Correlation between Hox code and vertebral morphology in the mouse: towards a universal model for Synapsida

Gene Embryonic day Reference
HoxA-4 E9-13.5 [7]
HoxB-4 E9-13.5 [7]
HoxC-4 E9-13.5 [7]
HoxD-4 E12.5 [31]
HoxA-5 E11 [9]
HoxB-5 E12.5-13.5 [32]
HoxC-5 E9-13.5 [7]
HoxA-6 E11.5-12.5 [33]
HoxB-6 E12.5-13.5 [32]
HoxC-6 E9-13.5 [7]