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Table 3 Summary of the D. japonica transcriptome assembly and genome scaffolds coverage

From: Draft genome of Dugesia japonica provides insights into conserved regulatory elements of the brain restriction gene nou-darake in planarians

Term Value
Statistics for isotig length
 Min isotig length (bp) 62
 Max isotig length (bp) 17,446
 N50 isotig length (bp) 1792
Statistics for numbers of isotigs
 Number of isotig groups 19,543
 Number of isotigs 25,566
 Number of isotigs > = 1 kb 13,256
 Genome scaffold coverage of isotig number ~ 99.4%
Statistics for bases in the isotigs
 Number of bases in all isotigs 34,777,653
 Number of bases in isotigs > = 1 kb 27,150,697
 Genome scaffold coverage of isotig bases ~ 97.8%