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Table 2 Specimens list: histological sections

From: Ontogeny and phylogeny of the mammalian chondrocranium: the cupula nasi anterior and associated structures of the anterior head region

Systematics Species Specimen HL [mm] CRL [mm] age [dpn] Collection number
Didelphimorphia Monodelphis domestica K. Smith’s Colony, Duke University ca. 4.5 10 0 ESUT-Mo4.5
  6 10.5 2 ESUT-Mo10.5
   11.5 5 ESUT-Mo11.5
   16 9 ESUT-Mo16
K. Smith’s Colony, Duke University 8.5 20.5 12 ESUT-Mo8.5
   63 40 ESUT-Mo63
Caluromys philander C.1 (ex. Coll. Charles-Dominique) Paris 6 11.5 PY [pouch young] ESUT-C6
C.2 (ex. Coll. Charles-Dominique) Paris 7.5 15 PY ESUT-C15
Collection of M. Sánchez 13   30 ESUT-C13
Collection of M. Sánchez 25   77 ESUT-C25
Collection of M. Sánchez 26   84 ESUT-C26
Dasyuromorphia Sminthopsis virginiae rufigenis AMNH SR 1A 3.5 5 PY AMNH SR 1A
AMNH SR 2A 4.5 7.5 PY AMNH SR 2A
AMNH SR 4A 11.5 18.5 PY AMNH SR 4A
Diprotodontia Macropus eugenii   11   PY ESUT-M11
    16   PY ESUT-M16
    28   PY ESUT-M28
    53   PY ESUT-M53
  Petaurus breviceps 82A   9 PY LANE-P82A
   48 6 mm 11 PY LANE-P48
      age [dpc]  
Afrosoricida Echinops telfairi 5a (Collection of M.C.M.)    embryo LANE-Ech5a
   7a (Collection of M.C.M.)    embryo LANE-Ech7a
Rodentia Acomys dimidiatus E18 (Collection of M.C.M.)    18 LANE-Aco18
   E21 (Collection of M.C.M.)    21 LANE-Aco21
Eulipotyphla Atelerix albiventris E21 (Collection of M.C.M.)    21 LANE-Atx21
   E25 (Collection of M.C.M.)    25 LANE-Atx25