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Table 2 Abbreviations used throughout the figures and manuscript text. Bones are in all uppercase. Muscles and glands are in title case following a lower case m or g, ligaments are in title case following a capital L, and specific features are all lowercase with abbreviations separated by a full stop

From: Digital dissection of the head of the rock dove (Columba livia) using contrast-enhanced computed tomography

Abbreviation Structure
Aponeurosis Aponeurosis of the mAMEM
AT atlas
AX axis
BAS Basihyale
CERA ceratobranchiale
CN I olfactory nerve
CN II optic nerve
CN III oculomotor nerve
CN IV trochlear nerve
CN V trigeminal nerve
CN V1 ophthalmic division of the trigeminal nerve
CN V2 maxillary division of the trigeminal nerve
CN V3 mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve
CN VI abducens nerve
CN X vagus nerve
CN XI accessory nerve
CN XII hypoglossal nerve
crt.nuchalis crista nuchalis
crt.polat.pal crista posterolateral palatinus
crt.temp crista temporalis
EPIBR epibranchiale foramen carotid
for.CN X foramen for the vagus nerve
for.CNXII foramen for the hypoglossal nerve
for.OccVei foramen for the occipital vein
fos.temp fossa temporalis
gHar gland Harderian
gLac gland Lacrimal
impr.temp impressio temporalis
larynx larynx
L2 ligament 2, ligamentum Occipitomandibule
L5 ligament 5, ligamentum Postorbital
L6 ligament 6, ligamentum Quadratomandibular
LDenBran ligamentum Dentary-Branchiomandibularis
LOccAt ligamentum Occipital-Atlantes
mAMEM musculus Adductor Mandibulae Externus pars Medialis
mAMEMa musculus Adductor Mandibulae Externus pars Medialis portion a
mAMEMb musculus Adductor Mandibulae Externus pars Medialis portion b
mAMEP musculus Adductor Mandibulae Externus pars Profundis
mAMES musculus Adductor Mandibulae Externus pars Superficialis
mAMP musculus Adductor Mandibulae Posterior
mBivCer musculus Biventer Cervicis
mBran musculus Branchiomandibularis
mCergl musculus Ceratoglossus
mCerhy musculus Ceratohyoidues
mCpx musculus Complexus
mCrico musculus Cricohyoideus
mDM musculus Depressor Mandubulae
mFlexCol musculus Flexor Colli
mGlenglAn musculus Genioglossus Anterior
mHypOb musculus Hypoglossus Obliquus
mHypRe musculus Hypoglossus Rectus
mIntspin musculus Interspinales
mLevPalDo musculus Levator Palpebrae Dorsalis
mLevPalVe musculus Levator Palpebrae Ventralis
mMylo musculus Mylohyoid
mObDo musculus Obliquus Dorsalis
MObVe musculus Obliquus Ventralis
mPPQ musculus Protractor Pterygoidei et Quadrati
mPstP musculus Pseudotemporalis Profundus
mPstS musculus Pseudotemporalis Superficialis
mPtDoAn musculus Pterygoideus Dorsalis Anterior
mPtDoMe musculus Pterygoideus Dorsalis Medialis
mPtDoPo musculus Pterygoideus Dorsalis Posterior
mPtVe musculus Pterygoideus Ventralis
mPyrLig musculus Pyramidalis Membrane Nictitans Ligament
mPyrMemNic musculus Pyramidalis Membrane Nictitans
mQuMemNic musculus Quadratus Membrane Nictitans
mReCapVe musculus Rectus Capitis Ventralis
mRecCapDo musculus Rectus Capitis Dorsalis
mRecCapLa musculus Rectus Capitis Lateralis
mRecDo musculus Rectus Dorsalis
mRecLa musculus Rectus Lateralis
mRecMe musculus Rectus Medialis
mRecVe musculus Rectus Ventralia
mSerp musculus Serpihyoideus
mSpCaMe musculus Splenius Capitis Medialis
mSpCapLa musculus Splenius Capitis Lateralis
mStern musculus Sternohyoides
mStyl musculus Stylohyoideus
Nic membrane nictitans
paraglossum paraglossum
pr.porb processus postorbitale
pr.zyg processus zygomatica
QUAD quadrate
sep.intorb septum interorbitale
URO urohyale