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Table 2 Body parts known in hurdiids. Taxa analysed in the most recent phylogenetic analysis of radiodonts [16] in bold

From: First report of paired ventral endites in a hurdiid radiodont

  Frontal appendages Mouthparts Body and flaps Carapace
Aegirocassis X   X X
Fezouata hurdiid X    
Hurdia triangulata X X X X
Hurdia victoria X X X X
Hurdia sp. B (Burgess) X    
Hurdia sp. B (Spence) X    
Hurdia cf. victoria (Spence) X    
Pahvantia X    X
Peytoia infercambriensis X    
Peytoia nathorsti X X X X
Peytoia sp. (Balang) X    
Peytoia? (Burgess) X    
Schinderhannes X X X  
Stanleycaris X X   
Ursulinacaris X