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Table 1 Morphological and histochemical characteristics of the four types of simple alveolar glands in N. pleuraden

From: Structural and bio-functional assessment of the postaxillary gland in Nidirana pleuraden (Amphibia: Anura: Ranidae)

Topological distributionDorsal skins & postaxillary glandsDorsal skins & postaxillary glandsPostaxillary glands exclusivelyDorsal skins & postaxillary glands
Height of mucocyte (μm)37.21 ± 0.57a20.51 ± 0.54b112.64 ± 0.46c\
Height of gland (μm)112.84 ± 13.63a78.13 ± 6.70b691.99 ± 12.54c141.34 ± 7.09a
Reaction to AB-PAS stainingStains blueStains light purple to violetStains light purpleFeebly tinged with pink
Reaction to Masson’s trichrome stainingFeebly tinged with blueStains dark blueStains dark blueStains dark scarlet
  1. If the superscripts beside values are same, the disparity in a row has no statistical significance, otherwise the difference is statistically significant (one-way ANOVA plus Bonferroni-adjusted LSD post-hoc test)