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Table 4 Measurements [in μm] of eggs of Richtersius coronifer s.s. (Richters, 1903) from the Billefjorden population (eggs mounted in Hoyer’s medium; process base/height ratio is expressed as percentage; N – number of eggs/structures measured, RANGE refers to the smallest and the largest structure among all measured specimens; SD – standard deviation)

From: A new redescription of Richtersius coronifer, supported by transcriptome, provides resources for describing concealed species diversity within the monotypic genus Richtersius (Eutardigrada)

Egg bare diameter30173.2233.4200.616.1
Egg full diameter30201.5263.7233.016.6
Process height9013.028.321.73.2
Process base width902.
Process base/height ratio9012%33%22%5%
Inter-process distance904.413.28.41.8
Number of processes on the egg circumference30607767.14.5