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Table 5 Sequences of the newly found Richtersius populations obtained in this study and used for molecular comparisons and phylogenetic analyses

From: A new redescription of Richtersius coronifer, supported by transcriptome, provides resources for describing concealed species diversity within the monotypic genus Richtersius (Eutardigrada)

PopulationSpecies18S rRNA28S rRNAITS-2COI
NO.385Richtersius coronifer s.s.MH681760MH681757MH681763MH676053
IT.120Richtersius sp. 4MH681761MH681758MH681764MH676054
PL.246Richtersius sp. 4MH681762MH681759MH681765MH676055
IT.317Richtersius sp. 6MK211387MK211385MK211382–3MK214326–8
GR.008Richtersius sp. 7MK211386MK211384MK211380–1MK214323–5
  1. Bold font indicates the Richtersius coronifer s.s. from the Billefjorden population. Please see Table 1 for geographic data