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Table 7 Summary statistics of Richtersius coronifer s.s. transcriptome assembly

From: A new redescription of Richtersius coronifer, supported by transcriptome, provides resources for describing concealed species diversity within the monotypic genus Richtersius (Eutardigrada)

 Total assembled transcripts21,091
 Total assembled length13,304,280 bp
 Average transcript length630 bp
 Longest transcript length7623 bp
 Shortest transcript length201 bp
 N50 (number of transcripts in N50)931 bp (4741)
 N90 (number of transcripts in N90)267 bp (15,226)
BUSCO (Eukaryota database)
 Complete BUSCOa60.40%
 Complete + Partial BUSCOs86.80%
 Missing core genes13.20%
 Average number of orthologs per core genes1.26
 Total number of transcripts21,091
 Unique transcripts (excluding isoforms)17,752
 Unique transcripts with BLAST matches to tardigrade genomes (E-value < 1.0e-5)12,114