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Table 2 GenBank accession numbers for the Nebularmis spp. analyzed in this work, bold font indicates new sequences

From: New Indomalayan Nebularmis species (Heterotardigrada: Echiniscidae) provoke a discussion on its intrageneric diversity

Species 18S rRNA 28S rRNA ITS-1 ITS-2 COI
Nebularmis auratus sp. nov. MW180881 MW180904 MW180893 MW180889 MW178237
Nebularmis burmensis sp. nov. MW180882–3 MW180905–6 MW180894–5 MW180890–1 MW178238
Nebularmis cirinoi MK529692, MW180884 MK529722, MW180907 MN271705, MW180892
Nebularmis indicus sp. nov. MW180885–6 MW180908–9 MW180896–7 MW178239–41
Nebularmis reticulatus MK529693 MK529723 MN271708 MN271700 MN263917–8