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Table 1 Information on moss samples with the populations of the Macrobiotus pallarii complex analyzed in the present study. *Type locality of Macrobiotus pallarii

From: Integrative taxonomy resolves species identities within the Macrobiotus pallarii complex (Eutardigrada: Macrobiotidae)

Sample/population code Locality Coordinates and altitude Collectors
FI.066 Finland, Jyväskylä, Graniitti 62°13′24.6″N
84 m asl
Matteo Vecchi
ME.007 Montenegro, Crkvine 42°47′57.54″N
1015 m asl
Aleksandra Rysiewska
PL.015 Poland, Malinówka, Yew Reserve 49°42′09″N
382 m asl
Piotr Gąsiorek
US.057 USA, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Purchase Knob 35°35′7.84″N
1492 m asl
Nate Gross & Mackenzie McClay
IT.337* Italy, Cosenza, Silvana Mansio 39°18′34.5″N 16°32′19.9″E
1436 m asl
Francesco Squillace