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Table 3 GenBank accession numbers of sequences used in the present study. Newly generated sequences are in bold

From: Integrative taxonomy resolves species identities within the Macrobiotus pallarii complex (Eutardigrada: Macrobiotidae)

Taxon Individual 18S 28S COI ITS2
Macrobiotus caelestis   MK737073 MK737071 MK737922 MK737072
Macrobiotus pallarii complex FI.066.1 MT809075 MT809088 MT807929  
FI.066.2 MT809076 MT809089 MT807930 MT809103
FI.066.3    MT807931 MT809104
FI.066.4    MT807932 MT809105
IT.337.1 MT809069 MT809081 MT807924 MT809094
IT.337.2 MT809070 MT809082 MT807925 MT809095
IT.337.3 MT809071 MT809083 MT807926 MT809096
ME.007.1 MT809065 MT809077   MT809090
ME.007.2 MT809066 MT809078 MT807920  
ME.007.3 MT809067 MT809079 MT807921 MT809091
ME.007.4 MT809068 MT809080 MT807922 MT809092
ME.007.5    MT807923 MT809093
PL.015.1 MT809074 MT809086   MT809100
PL.015.2   MT809087 MT807933 MT809101
PL.015.3    MT807934  
PL.015.4    MT807935 MT809102
US.057.1 MT809072 MT809084 MT807927 MT809098
US.057.2 MT809073 MT809085   
US.057.3    MT807928 MT809099
US.057.4     MT809097