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Table 1 Summary statistics of two bagworm transcriptome

From: The balance of crystalline and amorphous regions in the fibroin structure underpins the tensile strength of bagworm silk

Family Psychidae Psychidae
Species Canephora pungelerii Bambalina sp.
Japanese name Kitakuro minoga Kurotsuya minoga
Sample information
 Location Yamagata Pref., Japan Yamagata Pref., Japan
Assembly statistics
 # of contigs 99,286 68,365
 Total length (bp) 79,974,576 64,049,463
 Average scaffold length (bp) 805 936
 Longest scaffold length (bp) 48,468 52,848
 N50 (bp) (# of scaffolds in N50) 1815 (#11071) 2017 (#9196)
 GC-content (%) 37.88 39.17
 Eukaryote C:95.7%[S:76.5%,D:19.2%],F:1.6%,M:2.7%,n:255 C:93.7%[S:74.9%,D:18.8%],F:2.4%,M:3.9%,n:255