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Table 1 Nucleotide sequence of primers used in RT-PCR analysis

From: Sex-changing patterns of Akoya pearl oyster (Pinctada fucata)

Primer name   Nucleotide sequence (5′-3′)
Dmrt2 Forward primer ctc cat ttc caa cat tca tac aat a
  Reverse primer tga tga agt tgc aga ctt tgg t
Vtg Forward primer gtt atg gag tca gaa ccg ttg a
  Reverse primer gaa tga agc ggc att tcc
Zp Forward primer tga agg ttg cca tgg aga gt
  Reverse primer gat ttg ccc tct aag ttt gat cgt
GAPDH Forward primer acc act gtc cac gcc att
  Reverse primer act ctg gta taa ctt tgc cta cgg