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Table 1 A timeline of comparative cerebellar and cerebellar-like development in L. erinacea and S. canicula

From: Morphological development of the dorsal hindbrain in an elasmobranch fish (Leucoraja erinacea)

  St. 31 St. 32 St. 33
L. erinacea LG GE; MG; CbLS ML Cb ML; DGR
S. canicula UAL; LAL; GE; Cb ML inter. Zone; CbLS ML  
  1. Abbreviations: Cb ML, cerebellar molecular layer; CbLS ML, cerebellar-like molecular layer; DGR, dorsal granular ridge; GE, granular eminences of the cerebellum; inter. Zone, intermediate zone; LAL, lower auricular leaf; LG, lateral granule cell mass; MG, medial granule cell mass; UAL, upper auricular leaf