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Fig. 2

From: A self-marker-like protein governs hemocyte allorecognition in Halocynthia roretzi

Fig. 2

Immunochemical analysis performed with the phenol oxidase (PO)-releasing antibody mAb11B16B10. A mAb11B16B10-induced colorimetric PO activity of hemocytes from 24 individuals. B mAb11B16B10-induced OD520 values from a (n = 3). Numerals indicate individuals in a. C Immunostaining of hemocytes. Images of vacuolated cells ac, fusogenic amebocyte df and whole hemocytes gi are shown. mAb11B16B10 staining a and d and phase-contrast images b and e were combined to generate the merged images c and f. Scale bars in a–f = 10 μm. Scale bars in g–i = 20 μm. D Western blotting of hemocyte proteins using mAb11B16B10 (Cell Extract 4 μg and 1 μg) and the periodate treatment before (−) and after (+). E 2D-PAGE analysis of hemocyte proteins stained with Coomassie Brilliant Blue (CBB) a and immunoblotted with mAb11B16B10 b. F Enlarged typical view of the gel corresponding to a region encompassing 7.0–8.0 pI and 100 kDa

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