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Fig. 5

From: A self-marker-like protein governs hemocyte allorecognition in Halocynthia roretzi

Fig. 5

2D-differential gel electrophoresis (DIGE) of H. roretzi hemocytes using three CR-trios. (a) CR patterns between the different members of the H. roretzi CR-trios. (b) Gel section corresponding to the region encompassing 7.0–8.0 pI and 100 kDa of hemocyte proteins isolated from the individuals shown in a. Protein samples labeled with Cy3 (left) and Cy5 (right). c Summary of the 100-kDa protein isoforms (spots) found in each of the individuals (from b). Each of the 12 spots was classified by normalization with three 49 kDa protein spots (labeled with yellow triangles in Additional file 5: Figure S5)

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