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Table 2 Effects of inhibitors on desalinization in the esophagus of teleosts

From: The digestive tract as an essential organ for water acquisition in marine teleosts: lessons from euryhaline eels

Species Mucosal side Serosal side Reference
Amiloride (ENaC) DMA/EIPA (NHE) DIDS/DNDS (AE, NBC) Bumet/Furo (NKCC) HCTZ (NCC) DPC (ClC) Ouabain (NKA) DPC (ClC)
Winter flounder + ND ND ND ND ++ ND [166]
Japanese eel ND ND + + + ND ++ ND [157]
Gulf toadfish + ND ND ND ND ND [49]
Japanese eel ND ++ + ++ ++ ++ [227]
  1. +, effective; −, ineffective. Number of + indicates strength of the effect. In parenthesis is target transporter of the inhibitor. For details, see text and abbreviation list. Bumet bumetanide, Furo furosemide, ND not determined